1. Is there a postage and packaging charge of €9.00 with every order?

Yes. A postage and packaging charge of €9.00 applies to all orders, irrespective of size. It’s the same for 1 card as it is for 100, for example. If we feel this is too expensive for the size of your order, we usually include free samples of other products to compensate.

2. How long will I be waiting for delivery of goods?

Allow 5 working days. As a rule, if you order today, we post tomorrow !

3. How do I pay ?

We accept cheques, postal orders and bank drafts. All payments should be made out to “Graspit”. You can pay using your credit or debit card over the phone. When you shop online, credit/debit cards are accepted through paypal.

4. Do I have to pay when placing a order ?

No. There is 30 days credit with every order (optional). Alternatively you can forward a cheque with your order form when posting your order.

5. Can I pay using electronic transfer ?

Yes, contact “Graspit” for bank details etc.

6. Do shops stock “Graspit” products ?

All cards and workbooks are stocked in all good bookshops nationwide. For a full list of same, click on “Shopfinder”.

7. What if my local bookshop doesn’t stock “Graspit” products ?

Ask them to ring us on (01) 8413686. We’ll duly supply them without delay.

8. Are answer booklets supplied with workbooks ?

Answer booklets for 2 workbooks (“Maths in Focus” and “The Writer’s Companion”) are supplied. The remaining workbooks don’t necessitate answer booklets.

9. Where did the name “Graspit” come from ?

Well, when you fully understand a new concept for the very first time, it is said that you have “grasped” it. Hence the name “Graspit”. It is hoped that you would grasp many new concepts with the help of our products.

10. Do I have to be a teacher to order “Graspit” products ?

No, anyone can order !